Attention: If you're done wasting time with cookie-cutter, cut and paste workout routines that deliver sub-par results, then this will be the most important letter you'll ever read, because...

Now You Can Get Some Of The Top Fitness Coaches In The World To Custom-Design Your Fitness Plan From Scratch, And Help You Achieve A Body That Is Worthy Of Being On The Cover Of A Fitness Magazine...

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And Here's The Best Part...

  • You won't have to rely on complicated machines and odd contraptions
  • You won't have to take any banned substances or dangerous steroids
  • You won't have to re-schedule your life around just to follow the plan
  • You won't need to go through a boring 300 page manual or eBook
  • It Costs LESS than an average personal training session
  • The information is based on current cutting-edge research, not theories
  • The initial consultation and assessment is completely FREE.
    In fact, you pay nothing today!


From the desk of Sahil M....
President, Flawless Fitness Media...
Tuesday 12:45pm...

Dear Reader,

Let's face reality for a second, shall we?

You and I both know there are a bunch of self-proclaimed "fitness gurus" stalking the internet and ripping people off by selling them recycled junk - all in the name of making a quick buck. In fact, I bet you've probably seen a boat load of their fitness gadgets, books and magazines that promise you the world (along with unicorns and glittery rainbows thrown in for good measure).

Now, if you're anything like my former self that didn't know any better, maybe you actually bought some of those worthless products in the hopes that if they were even half as good as they said they were, your life would improve dramatically.

Well, were you impressed with what you got? I wasn't. Not even close.

It literally took me years to piece together what worked and what didn't. Eventually though, it soon dawned on me that since I wasn't built like everyone else, it was pretty stupid of me to use a workout plan which was created for anyone but myself.

The generic "toning" workouts, bland tasting diets, over-hyped diet pills and all that other nonsense can only give you average results at best. And I don't know about you, but busting my ass in the gym, and spending my own money to achieve average results isn't my idea of a good time.

The "AHA!" Moment Which Changed Everything...

Call me greedy - but I wanted maximum results for the least amount of effort I could get away with.

After trying all the routines found inside fitness magazines, books and home workout DVD's, the obvious answer hit me like a full on collision with a Mack Truck:

What I needed was a customized program which addressed my specific needs and fit me as snugly as a latex glove on the hands of a cavity search specialist!

Now that's what I call a tight fit - and sorry about the mental imagery, it had to be done ;)

The Making Of An Ultimate Fitness Plan...

So here at Flawless Fitness Media (FFM), I got together with my team so that we could develop a program that would allow us to create customized fitness plans for any type of individual, and help them achieve whatever goal they truly desired - regardless of their previous experiences or failures.

What we ended up with is the premium service product you see in front of you today - The Personalized Fitness Blueprint. With our combined knowledge pool, the FFM team can create a fitness plan just for you with such a high level of precision, that it can deliver results in record time. No other product or service can even come close.

Want proof? Just check out some of the testimonials below... (by the way, these are 100% real and unpaid, unlike the BS you see "gurus" post on their site by using paid actors)

“Hey, just wanted to send you a quick email and let you know that I’ve lost a solid 4 lbs since starting your program 2wks ago! This is huge because no matter what I did or for how long I tried, my weight wouldn’t budge. I realize that I only have 10-15 pounds to lose and losing those last few are the hardest, but I’ve actually broken through my plateau!!”


"Today’s workout kicked my ass. I tried heavier weights and haven’t grunted and made noises like that since I was in labor. Way to bring back memories FJ ;) It’s not a bad thing…reminded me if I can give birth I can push my body to lift heavier too! I LOVE that I’m getting stronger! You f**king rock!"

- Lesley.U

"Hey guys,
I've successfully maintained my weight and increased my muscle mass at the same time, I feel great and look way more sharp!

Because of you, I turned a good chunk of fat into lean muscle, lost the extra 15 lbs I was trying so hard to lose, got a "play friend" at school and the compliments haven't stopped! I feel great. Thanks for your amazing Blueprint brother!"

- Joe.R

"I would like to say this has worked out to be one of the best things I ever did! I am not really ever hungry, it's totally working, and it's manageable enough that I never have the chance to convince myself that I don't have time. Just thought I would give my appreciation to you for how well this works!

- Molly.M

How A Personalized Fitness Blueprint Delivers Staggering Results - And Blows Away The Competition

During the development and testing of the Fitness Blueprint, we realized that the following variables had to be considered in order to have a perfect plan:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Gender
  • Past exercise experience
  • Allergies or lack of
  • Food preferences
  • Current stress levels
  • Available free time
  • Natural eating habits
  • Stimulus to supplements
  • Exposure to scams and myths

I think you'll agree, those are a boat load of factors to take into account. Most fitness "gurus" only rely on 2 or 3 of such factors - but that's not how we roll here at FFM. It is this type of anal attention to detail that makes the Personalized Fitness Blueprint so effective.

And It's Not Just Our Clients That See Head-Turning Transformations. Our Team Uses The Very Principals Behind The Blueprint To Keep Ourselves In Top Shape

Check Out Our Recent Pictures Below...
The Results Speak For Themselves!


Sahil M. (FJ)

Fat Loss Specialist, National Deadlift Record Holder, and is known to motivate even the laziest of couch-surfers.


Dr. Kostevski

Medical Doctor, Full Body Transformation Specialist (he also makes delicious diet cheesecakes!)


Nick (Hypebeast)

Muscle Building Specialist, and one of the few to successfully complete the GOMAD method.


Jon M.

Elite powerlifter, strength specialist and probably benches more than you can squat and deadlift combined.

Now think about it for a second - wouldn't you rather listen to coaches that looked like that and actually used the very service and product that they're recommending to you?

Of course you would. You'd be a complete dork not to.

Think about this in another way: Pretend you have a broken tap that is leaking heavily, but you know nothing about plumbing. What's the best and most obvious solution?

To call the freakin' plumber, duh!

The not so obvious, and more time consuming solution is to learn about plumbing and try to fix the damn thing yourself, risking further problems and creating a huge mess if things go wrong.

Well it's the same with fitness - You could take matters into your own hands and spend years making mistakes, back-tracking, becoming frustrated, reading countless studies, going through tedious trail and error techniques, only to start back from square one, hoping one day it will all make sense to you.


You could seek the help of some professional coaches, who've been there, done that, and have a combined track record for helping hundreds of individuals achieve the body of their dreams.

So why leave the future of your health and well-being to chance? Some things in life just should not be gambled on - your body is one them!

How It Works, And What You Get...

First, you need to define your ultimate goal - because if you have nothing to aim for, you'll miss every shot you take. This is true for anything in life.

So take out a piece of paper and write down precisely how much fat you'd like to burn, or how much muscle you'd like to put on, or how many pounds you would like to add to your squat, bench or deadlift.

It doesn't really matter what goal you have, as long it's clear, definitive and you're able to visualize it.

Once you've defined your goal, fill out our from below (look for the yellow box) and you'll be forwarded a questionnaire which will allow us to collect important data to get a complete picture of what we're working with.

You will then be assigned a coach (if you haven't picked one out already) who will take all of this information and within 3 business days, email you your Fitness Blueprint.

It will outline everything you'll need to attain that body you've always wanted. You just have to read it, and put in the work. It doesn't get any simpler than that. Below is a breakdown of the components you are about to get inside your Fitness Blueprint.

Customized Workout Plan
($59 Value)

Little equipment, no equipment, full fledged gym access? No worries. It doesn't matter what type of situation you're in, because we'll create a workout plan that will deliver the results you want, and FAST. Get ready to sweat!

Customized Meal Plans
($69 Value)

Forget expensive, exotic ingredients that you can only get from specialized "health food stores." That's all BS. We like to stick to real, everyday foods that you can get from any grocery store, and are easy to prepare. We will also throw in foods you love such as ice cream, chocolate, wings etc., - And no, that wasn't a typo!

Customized Supplementation Protocol
($49 Value)

And by supplements, we do not mean garbage fat loss pills and powders. We at FFM recommend only scientifically backed vitamins, stimulants and other ingredients you can easily find at any pharmacy. When combined with the killer meal plan we'll provide, it'll be like adding rocket fuel to a fire!

Secret Strategies For Long Term Success
($39 Value)

What good is achieving your goals if 6 months down the road you end up right back where you started? Exactly. Here's a secret most trainers and those hopeless fitness "gurus" won't tell you - they make most of their money off people's yo-yo results so they can keep selling them more crap. Doesn't that piss you off? Well it should. Which is why these long-term strategies are one of the most important elements in your Fitness Blueprint.

30 Days Unlimited Consultation ($197 Value)

If there is one thing all of our coaches know, it's that people always have questions. Other box-gym trainers know this as well, which is why they bill like lawyers and charge a pretty penny for any extra time of theirs that you take up. Yes we know, that's bullsh*t right? We at FFM however, don't bill like lawyers, so with us, you pay only once and have a full 30 days of unlimited, unrestricted access with your coach through email. And don't worry, because our response time is also lighting quick!

That's A Total Value Of $413!

(The good news is, you won't pay even half that amount)

But Here's The EVEN BETTER News... You Pay Absolutely NOTHING Today!

That's right, just fill our the form below and we can start your full-body assessment and consultation for the low, low price of... nothing. Zilch. Jack squat. Diddly do!

Ok, we made that last one up.

Now remember, an initial consultation fee is actually a standard in the fitness industry, so while we are happy to offer our time to help you out, we cannot offer this deal forever since our services are in high demand.

Also, our team is only human (shocking, I know) and therefore we only have so much time in a given week to devote to our clients. To keep our quality of service high, there are only a limited number of spots available. So when the spots are gone - they're gone!

If you've been dreaming for a chance to work with industry experts who have a proven track record for success and can show you how to get that body you've always dreamt of having, then we urge you to act now. Don't let someone else steal your spot.

We look forward to making you our next success story!

Zero Spam Tolerance

Your Privacy Is Secured

P.S - Every Fitness Blueprint takes time to craft and prepare and we take each request seriously, so do us a favor and make sure you come motivated and ready to put in the work. While magic bullet solutions just don't exist, we believe this personalized approach is as close as it gets without being unethical.

- Team FFM

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